Outfit: The Nautical We


Look who’s making his 1st appearance on the blog! ❤

In case you by chance were thinking I stole this baby from Walmart, this is MY baby, Elliott. He’s almost 3 months old and a total cutie, obviously. But I don’t think he’s too keen on photoshoots just yet … either that, or the sun was just too bright for him. Oh well, he’s still cute. ❤


I cut 12 inches off my hair last month. A WHOLE FOOT OF HAIR. (I realize that sentence sounds, and looks, very strange.) And let me just say, while I loved having “mermaid hair” there for awhile, since I don’t think I’ve literally had that much hair since kindergarten … it was time to say, “Bye, Felicia.” I love this haircut SO MUCH. I think I look best with this length of hair, if I do say so myself. Plus, it’s been awhile since I’ve been officially a brunette. Love me my herrdid!

I love being a mom, 99% of the time. I’m blessed with a very good-tempered baby, and he’s been smiling and chattering a lot more lately, and his personality is definitely starting to come through. But man, the 1% that he’s crying or throwing a tantrum or screaming … I’m like, “Uhhh how do I do this??” Thankfully, my husband continues to be amazing; he’s becoming Super Dad, and I’m lucky to have him to help with my sanity. And my Mam has been a huge help, too. Elliott sure loves his Gramma! And so do I.


I realize this is technically a cheaters fashion post, but uh, I’m still kind of self-conscious about my postpartum body. My pants pretty much fit again (hallelujah), but the tops? Not so much. I had to go buy a couple shirts the other day, since 98% of my spring/summer tops do not fit right now. Ugh. But YAY to new clothes?! This one I’m wearing is one of them, and then I found his shirt and thought, “Wow, these almost match!” Yes, I’m becoming That Mom that dresses her baby to match her outfit. But who cares. He’s only a baby once! 🙂





  • Top: Old Navy — $4
  • Pants: JC Penney — $3 (part of this set)
  • TOTAL: $7

Today’s Motto: snuggle a baby to cheer yourself up.


like mother, like son.

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