Baby, Your Life’s About to Change.

Hey, friends. I cannot believe it’s been 4 flippin’ months since I posted. Ugh. I’ve become very much a slacker. But guess what? I have a good reason.

For those who don’t know already — which is probably, maybe, 2 of you, for whatever reason — I’m pregnant! I just hit 28 weeks this week, so that’s pretty exciting! I’ve been pretty private about this pregnancy thus far; I don’t really post weekly updates on Facebook, I obviously haven’t written anything on HERE, and I keep my answers kind of vague with the general public. But I thought, because I haven’t kept a journal for five years, I’d go ahead and write about the pregnancy on here. Because, clearly, nothing is more private than a blog.

(And in case you were wondering, yes, I will try to get a few fashion posts on here very soon. It’s just been very hot here, and I’m not as brave as some of these other girls who can stand to have their pictures taken whilst pregnant. So keep your eyes out.)

So, starting from the beginning: at the very start of April, I started to suspect that I might be pregnant, but I was scared to get it confirmed. A couple times last year, I thought I was expecting and took the tests, which all came back negative. After the 3rd time that happened, I got a little depressed–which surprised me, to be honest. I didn’t think NOT being pregnant would affect me so much, but it did. So THIS time, when I was suspicious, I was terrified to get another negative. So I decided to ditch the at-home tests and had Devon drive me to Instacare, where I could get the no-fail test right then and there.

Ten minutes later, the doctor came back and informed me I was six weeks pregnant. HOORAY! Devon and I were so happy, albeit a little flabbergasted. We set up an appointment with a local OB (whose house I’d happened to visit two times before) and got everything squared away a few weeks later. I was also set up with a fetal specialist, to make sure I was going to be okay taking my 2 medications all throughout the pregnancy. Devon and I were sure we were having a girl, but the guessing pool with our families and friends were split.


The first trimester … to put it bluntly, it was absolute hell. I had morning sickness at least twice a day from late April to late June. When I was 12, I had surgery for my acid reflux, wherein the stomach is wrapped around the bottom of the stomach. The biggest side effect this surgery gives is you lose the ability to vomit–instead, you’re left with dry-heaving. So when I say I had morning sickness, I mean I was dry-heaving up to twice a day for close to 2 1/2 months. And let me tell you, IT WAS MISERABLE. Imagine trying to puke and not being able to get anything out, all while your stomach muscles constrict and tighten, and your throat feels as if it’s going to tear apart. That’s pretty much what it was like.

THANKFULLY, once July hit I was finally over the hill. Our baby was growing just fine, I wasn’t throwing up all the time, AND I was getting my appetite back. I found out I’d lost 8 pounds in the 1st trimester, which was shocking to me. If you recall my fashion post in May, that was in the middle of the battle. When I looked at the photos while writing up the post, I was taken aback at how thin I looked. But now that the worst was behind me, I was looking forward to the most important info to find out about a baby: the gender!

At the OB appointment, my mom came with us to see what our baby was. On the ultrasound, our doctor said he was “90% sure” the baby was a GIRL. A girl! We were right! We were excited! We finally posted it on Facebook! Things were moving forward smoothly.

Except, not really. For two weeks after the appointment, Devon, my mom, AND I all felt a little weird. Like something wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, and it was constantly at the back of my mind. We had one last appointment with the fetal specialist, and their ultrasound equipment was a much higher quality than the one at our OB’s office. So, half joking, when the tech asked if I had any questions or concerns, I mentioned how I wanted to make sure our baby was still, in fact, a girl. So I laid back and let the tech put that weird goo on my stomach, and up came the image.

We were all quiet as we stared at what could only be described as a third leg. After a minute of silence, the tech said, “Umm…that’s definitely a boy.”


So THAT was what had been nagging at me! Our she was actually a HE! It was so bizarre that we just laughed about it … we still do.

Since hitting the 3rd trimester, things are still going smoothly. Baby has been kicking a lot, which fills me with a combination of fascination, and being creeped out. WHAT IS HE DOING IN THERE, somersaults?? Sometimes I think he goes spread eagle and kicks down near my bladder while jazz-handing up in my belly button region. It’s all very odd. But it makes me laugh all the time, and I’m happy he’s being active, since that’s a clear sign he’s growing and healthy. What a relief.

I still plan on being pretty private after Lil’ Mister is born; don’t expect to hear anything about it until at least a month has passed. It’s just something Devon and I have discussed and decided on — though, if I’m being completely honest, and I am, it was mostly my idea and I pushed for it. I have nothing against these moms that share the crud out of their kids. Bully for you! I think that’s great. But my natural skepticism/suspicion/paranoia makes me very hesitant of blasting Facebook or Instagram or this blog with photos of my baby. I’ve read stories of kids’ photos being stolen from said social media outlets for seemingly innocent purposes, or, worst case scenario, for malicious child-porn-centric websites. That possibility scares me more than actually delivering the baby. So, for my own overprotective mother desires, I will refrain from putting my son on the internet — and I ask that others respect that, too.

But for now, there’s still a lot more weeks ahead to prepare for. I’m taking it a day at a time, which is all any pregnant mama can ask for and expect for themselves. Devon has been, seriously, Best Husband On The Planet during this whole process. He’s been simultaneously my cheerleader and caretaker, all while working crazy unexpected hours with his job. I know this hasn’t been easy for him, either, but honestly, I cannot sing his praises enough — and he’s all mine. How lucky am I? 🙂

So, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed my overindulgent selfish words (ha). Like I said before, I will try my hardest to get at least 2 or 3 pregnant fashion posts in before I get REALLY big — or really fat. Either one. Happy days to you, readers! ❤





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