Outfit: Garden Tulle


These gorgeous flowers are in my parents’ front yard. Can you believe it?! They always have the best flowers: roses in almost every color, columbines, daffodils, little purple pansies, oleander … that’s my kind of garden.


It’s been pretty stormy in town for the last couple weeks — April showers moving into May. I’m not complaining, though; it’s nice to have a lovely breeze before the summer comes, and rain makes everything smell better. We got lucky with the little spurts of sunlight for these pictures, but overall this lighting is my all-time favorite for fashion posts.


So, uh, sorry for being MIA all of April! Life, man, it gets busy — you all know that. 😉 My husband and I have been pretty boring lately. I’m pretty sure we’re becoming an old couple, since the most exciting thing to happen in our weeks is going to the new local grocery store for fresh produce. We’re so weird! But hey, I love him, and he loves me, so that’s all that matters. 🙂




Do you love my new glasses?! I’ve had my eye on Zenni Optical for awhile, and I finally decided to take the plunge and buy some. I cannot sing higher praise for them! Mine came out absolutely perfect, and I didn’t break the bank to buy them. And, um, polka dot glasses? YES, PLEASE! I promise I’m not advertising for them (I wish — getting paid sounds fun!…), I’m just giving my honest opinion. If you’re looking for cute frames for cheap and reasonable shipping costs, check this website out!

I wish I had more to update on, but alas, even when life is busy, it can also be uneventful. So I will leave today’s post with just some pretty (har har) pictures of my pretty self. (Especially that b&w pic … very Vogue, if I do say so myself.) Hope you all have a lovely week, lovelies! ❤




Today’s Motto: surround yourself with flowers … you’ll be happy!


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