Outfit: A Proper Lady(bug)


It’s pretty much Spring here in town … which means we only have about 8 weeks before it gets boiling hot (ugh). And what better way to celebrate these short weeks of gorgeous weather than to wear a LADYBUG DRESS? What’s that? There is no better way? Well then.


This park that I’m at has a very special place in my heart. Really, the whole month of March is special to me. My husband and I will celebrate our 4th year of being together on the 23rd, and this park is where we had our first kiss. AWWWWWWW. ❤ ❤ Granted, our first kiss was terrible. (My bad.) But I mean, the rest is history, right?!





I’m in a boring mood right now. I haven’t been feeling too creatively-minded lately, and the most exciting thing I’ve done this week is listen to classic Backstreet Boys songs. (I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH.) I’m putting the blame on Daylight Savings Time — it usually takes me like a month to get back into the daily rotation with coherence. So, in the middle of busy daily life, I’m trying to refuel those creative juices with some fashion posts, new dessert recipes, classic anime binge-watching, and quality Devo time.

Speaking of Devo, in June we may have an opportunity to visit Seattle and Victoria Island! I’ve never been to either place, and they’re definitely in my Top 30 Places I Want To Go To. (Japan is still #1, BTW.) My brother and his family will be spending a couple weeks there for his work, and they invited the rest of us to visit while they’re there. So fingers crossed we will be able to go! If not, Devo and I will go back to NYC in late October for a week. (Or we may just do both, heeheehee.) And in August, we’ll be staying at a cabin retreat in the mountains for a few days with my family. This year looks like it’ll be another great traveling diary!

In the meantime, I’ll still be around town in my ladybug dress. Yeah, I’m so cool.





Today’s Motto: keep happy times in your heart.


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