Outfit: My Funny Valentine

IMG_2280 copy

A lot of girls like to wear pink dresses on Valentine’s Day. I am one of those girls. Unfortunately, I do not currently own a pink dress. It makes me sad. So I had to improvise with purple. I think it worked just fine.


IMG_2284 copy

Do you like my Valentine’s wreath? Well, even if you don’t, I can’t hear you, so…joke’s on you! I made it myself. šŸ™‚ I’m really into the wreath-making biz right now, and I know I keep saying I’m going to dedicate a post to my crafty creations. And I will!…very soon. Next up are wreaths dedicated to Spring and Summer, and possibly one that is nautical themed. I’m already brainstorming ideas…should be good stuff!

IMG_2285 copy



Back in high school, people could send carnations on Valentine’s Day, and for some odd reason I got several every year. To this day, I still don’t know who sent them. I’m guessing they came from Mam…or maybe I had a secret admirer? Or the more likely option: a creeper. I did have a legit stalker for 2 years. Fast forward 10 (OH MY HECK) years, and I still get flowers every Valentine’s, and I’ve also gotten a teddy bear every year since I’ve been married. This year, my hubby got me a Poe Dameron outfit from Build a Bear. I have 4 bears from the company, and I put the outfit on one of them, and it’s perfect and adorable and he knows me so well. šŸ™‚ But he keeps teasing me that he’s been replaced by PoeBear, since I like to snuggle with it when we’re sleeping. Heehee.

I tell ya, man, 2016 has NOT been kind to my body thus far. All throughout January I had a sinus infection, and then a week ago I got a dumb stomach lymph glands problem that’s been keeping me hopped up on Lortab. This all explains why I’ve been MIA with the fashion blogging. Hopefully this whole me-being-sick-so-early-on-in-the-year thing will pass by and then the rest of the year I’ll be healthy as a dog on steroids. Fingers crossed.




IMG_2297 copy


Today’s Motto: be your own Valentine.



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