Outfit: Critter Sweater Weather


Fact: you can’t be too serious when you’re wearing a raccoon sweater. Or when you’re on a park playground.


This was a lot of fun to do, since I feel like fashion posts are supposed to be serious and glamorous…which are 2 things I am definitely not. So it was nice to be goofy in these photos–it’s a nice reminder that I will never make a good model, as my “Serious Model Face” is so gooberish.




pure, unadulterated joy, or raving, psychotic madness?…

Now, onto the details. These jeans are my absolute favorite in the entire world. From Aeropostale’s Tokyo Darlings line, they’re so soft and stretchy that I forget I’m actually wearing jeans. And they’re short! They actually are short enough on me that they don’t look awful/drag on the ground. MIRACLE!!! I got them for a killer deal last year, and I don’t think you can buy this exact pair anymore. What a mistake on my part! I should’ve gotten 5 pairs of these…but luckily, Aeropostale’s “Seriously Stretchy” jeans line is just as comfy, so I’ll be stocking up on those after Christmas.




This year’s almost over…and good riddance. While it has been a wonderful year of adventure (NYC, Comic Con, Disneyland), it’s also been an emotional battle. Lots of ups and lots of downs. But it’s been a very growing year for me, both as a wife and an individual, and a year to see the rise of strong women. While I’ve always seen my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and gal pals as mind-bendingly valiant women, I feel like there were so many amazing women on the big screen (Furiosa, Cinderella, Joy and Sadness, Katniss Everdeen, Rey) to remind me that anyone can overcome the challenges and struggles they face. All of these women, both in my personal life and the fictional world, overcame adversity in very human ways: they gave themselves time to cry and accept their vulnerability and grief, and then they arose and faced their trials head on and rose above their shortcomings. While I don’t consider myself a feminist (a lot of the modern ideals of feminism rub me the wrong way), I’m all for supporting each other with kindness and loyalty without making it a political agenda. It’s been awesome to witness this change in women figures, and I hope I can set such an example to my children someday. It gives me faith that I can be just as courageous as them.



Today’s Motto: You are a strong person, and you can overcome anything. Never forget that.


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