Outfit: I Find Your Lack of Tulle Disturbing.


“May the Tulle be with you.”


“The Darkside of the Tulle.”


“The Tulle is strong with this one.”


…Should I stop? NEVER. Heeheehee.

My husband had some fun editing these photos to make it more Star Wars-friendly. I’m not saying I’d be on the Darkside, per se, but I’m all about the anti-hero aspect. And honestly, I’d have a black lightsaber, not red.


So sorry for my lack of fashion posts. Christmas is upon us all, and with that in mind, I’ve been busy as of late. But Devon and I finally had a free day to do some fun stuff, so we knocked out 4 shoots in about an hour and a half. So you’ll be getting some posts over the next week or two. Hooray, it’s a Christmas miracle! (har har)



So, after 10 long years of waiting, the new Star Wars movie finally arrived. We saw it last night at 10…and guys, it was AWESOME. Like, for reals. It was all the right parts of nostalgia and new excitement. I loved the music; John Williams is a music god. I loved the characters, especially BB-8. And I want one now. But MAN, the part I totally called (no spoilers!) still kicked me in the teeth really good…it still hurts. UGH. And honestly, I’ll need to see it probably 2 more times to fully process everything. But JJ Abrams NAILED IT. He really did. I cannot wait for the next 2 movies. I’m especially excited for more Poe Damaron…can you say DREAMY? Mmm, Oscar Isaac… 😉



In other non-Star Wars related news, life has been a little stressful. For some reason, I’ve been having anxiety more and more. Not sure why. It’s CHRISTMAS, for crying out loud; you’re supposed to feel HAPPY, not anxious! But alas, that’s how it is right now. I’m still stoked for the rest of the holidays, though. Nothing’s gonna ruin my Christmas spirit, dangit!

Until next time, kiddies…


  • Shirt: Sears — $11
  • Skirt: AliExpress — $8
  • Tights: Target — $8
  • Hair bow: Hot Topic — $6.50
  • Ring: Kohl’s — $7
  • Boots: gift (Kohl’s; similar)
  • TOTAL: $40.50

Today’s Motto: May the Force be with you. (or whatever floats your boat.)



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