Outfit: Green Fox


It’s been very rainy this weekend, so it made for great lighting for a few fashion shoots. And it’s cooling down; it’s gloriously, finally autumn!


Is this not the prettiest green you’ve ever seen?! I’d had my eye on this dress for about a month and a half, so when I got a discount in my email, I knew I had to have it. When it goes on sale cheaper, I’m snatching it up in black and burgundy. It’s the perfect dress for fall and winter; it’s so versatile, modest, and NOT in the shape of a paper bag. Win, win, win!

And um, fox tights? BEST THING EVER! You can’t NOT be happy when you wear these. Come on, I dare ya not to be.




Now that it’s finally autumn, it’s becoming the most wonderful time of the year. No, not just Christmas, but Halloween, Thanksgiving, and above all, the Fall Movie Lineup. I LOVE MOVIES. A lot. And I am getting so excited for STAR WARS!!! Tickets go on sale today, so you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye on the IMAX theatres I’ve got tabs on. My husband and I are going opening night; it comes out the day before my birthday, and he has to work on my actual birthday, so we’ll be celebrating it with Star Wars. HECK YES. I can’t wait!!!


“here we go again,” Cherry thinks…




Dress: H&M — $20 (sold out in green)

Tights: Modcloth — $8 (similar)

Boots: Kohl’s — $12 (similar)

Ring: Kohl’s — $7

Necklace: gift (similar)

Purse: gift (Target)

TOTAL: $47

Today’s Motto: wear something that makes you happy.


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