Outfit: What a Lovely Day


Comic Con was this weekend, so the husband and I decided to dress up from our favorite movie from 2015 (so far). Any guesses what that might be?


We had a total blast!!! We bought the 3-day multipass and cosplayed on Friday. We got a ton of compliments–it was a very proud day for me. 😀 On the way back to my brother’s house, we had to wait about 30 minutes for the train to get to our station. So we decided to do a very impromptu photoshoot–the background worked so well with the theme of our outfits. They look good! (I think my head just got a little bigger…) I want to do a legit photoshoot next month out in the desert, in costume. Hopefully we can do that.


Our outfits are very DIY, but I think we look frickin’ EPIC. We worked hard to get most of the details just right (especially Devo–his outfit was much more embellished than mine). And special thanks to my mom for bringing in her creative expertise and helping us tweak them out to perfection. Mam’s the best!

It needs to cool off where I live…I’m ready for it to be autumn!!! It was warm up at Comic Con, too, which was super annoying. Hello, the 1st day of autumn was a few days ago, weather; can you give us a break, already?! Once it gets nicer outside, I’ll update the blog a lot more with outfit pics. Also, hopefully I’ll start to lose a little more weight soon…this birth control has not been kind as of late (even though I’ve been off of it for a year), and it’s continuing to wreck me. So fingers crossed it will clear out of my system soon! I’m ready to move on to greener pastures, and the next step in life…but for now, I’ll just keep angsting out on the Fury Road.


IMG_1504   IMG_1508 IMG_1509


IMG_1513  IMG_1532



  • shirt: JCPenney
  • jacket, pants: Forever21
  • boots: Payless
  • paracord bracelet: eBay
  • shoulder pad, leg brace (dog harness): Walmart


  • shirt: Sears
  • pants, belts, shoes: DI
  • shoulder pad: Walmart
  • glove, chains: Home Depot
  • belt buckle: homemade

Today’s Motto: ride eternal, shiny and chrome.



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