Outfit: Plaid & Pansies


I know, I know, that’s not actually a pansy. Don’t be so serious all the time! I’m certainly not.



I’m recycling 2 articles from a previous outfit, but who cares? That’s what fashion is sometimes. Plus I was having fun experimenting with outfits, and I liked how this turned out, so I was like, ah what the heck?




I’ve been getting really into DIY projects. I’ll do a post in the next little while of all the stuff I’ve been doing; it’s been a lot of fun to try my hand at it. I don’t consider myself a very craftsy person, but the ones I’ve done have been easy to follow and CHEAP! Plus, it’s been super therapeutic for me. The last month has been pretty stressful, but it’s been a little more bearable with these creative bursts I’ve been having.

And in case you’re really wondering, yes, I will be doing my Modern Disney Princess outfit series very soon. Once it gets cooler outside again, I’ll be whipping them out super quick. So stay tuned!




And here’s a bonus for you: my adorable, sassy, beastly baby, Cherry, decided to crash my photos. She was NOT happy to be picked up…but it was nice payback. 😉


with that face she’s making, you’d think I was shaving her bum. jeez.

Today’s Motto: Go and smell the flowers. Just make sure they’re not plastic.



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