Questionnaire (aka, A Major Narcissist-Fest)

Does anyone else have fond memories of filling out those stupid questionnaires you’d get in emails and then send back around to all your friends?…no? Well, I sure do. I found one online, and I figured it’d be fun for y’all (the all of, what, 3 of you?) to get to know me a little better. Enjoy the Narcissist-fest! 🙂

Name: Dame Abbs Jean Archer Esquire, III
Birthday: December 19th.
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.
Where were you born: in a hospital.
Where do you live now: behind the Wall. (Pink Floyd reference)
How many times have you moved: 4 times, all in the same vicinity.
Hair Color: natural is medium brown, current is red.
Eye Color: blue-green.
Tattoos: not a fan.
Piercings: 1 in each ear.

Color: blue & all its varieties.
Food: udon, potatoes, eggs, butter.
Candy: strawberry Laffy Taffy, Milky Way midnight.
Dessert: cookie dough, cupcakes, creme brulee, brownies, angel food cake.
Movie: Schindler’s List, Interstellar, When Harry Met Sally, Amelie, Jurassic Park; anything by Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Studio Ghibli, & Pixar.
TV Show: Cowboy Bebop, Parks & Rec, Arrested Development, Sailor Moon, Sherlock, House, Daredevil, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
Actor: Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy, Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cary Grant.
Actress: Audrey Hepburn, Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Blunt, Carey Mulligan.
Celebrity Crush: Tom Hardy, Dylan O’Brien, Hugh Jackman.
Favorite Author: I honestly don’t know…maybe Steinbeck?
Book: Persepolis, the Glass Castle, To Kill a Mockingbird, Child 44, A Monster Calls.
Band/Artist: She & Him, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend; Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Elton John, Billy Joel.
Album: The Wall (Pink Floyd), O Brother Where Art Thou?, A Rush of Blood to the Head (Coldplay), What We Saw From the Cheap Seats (Regina Spektor), Carrie & Lowell (Sufjan Stevens).
Song: Us by Regina Spektor.
Superhero: Batman, Deadpool, War Machine, Daredevil, Captain America.
Supervillain: Joker, Venom, Two-Face, Penguin, Ultron.
Holiday: Christmas, of course!
Season: autumn.
Day of the week: Friday.
Store: Kohl’s, Modcloth.
Restaurant: Udon West.
Sport: MMA.
Animal: cats, cats, cats, cats, cats. & foxes, hedgehogs, & jellyfish.
Flower: cherry blossom.

*Have you ever*
Danced in the rain: indeed.
tripped and had an embarrassing fall: I’m not that klutzy.
smoked: never.
got drunk: nope.
gone skinny dipping: I’m too chicken.
been in a car accident: a couple fender-benders, but no serious accidents.
been in love: I’m married, so…yes. 🙂
met the President: nah.
met a celebrity: Vic Mignona! it was magical!
cried over a movie: you don’t even know, man.
laughed so hard you cried: many a time.
cried for no reason at all: oh, there’s always a reason.

*The Last*
thing you said: “be safe.”
thing you ate: Tillamook French vanilla ice cream slathered in chocolate sauce. 🙂
song you heard: Message in the Sand by A Silent Film.
movie you saw: Perks of Being a Wallflower.
CD you bought: …wow, I don’t even remember.
book you read: Bossypants.
phone call: my hubby.
IM: Heather.
person you yelled at: myself.

*This or that*
Pepsi or Coke: water.
McDonald’s or Burger King: McD’s.
chocolate or vanilla: swirl!
TV or movies: ooh, hard choice…movies.
colored pencils or markers: pencils.
sun or moon: moon.
day or night: night.
pants or shorts: pants.
long sleeve or short sleeve: 3/4 sleeve.
N’Sync or Backstreet Boys: B-Boys for days!
burgers or hot dogs: turkey burger.
rock or rap: rock.
aim or phone: phone.
romantic comedy or thriller: depends on my mood.
waffles or pancakes: pancake girl, right here!
peanut butter or jelly: homemade jelly.

do you believe in love at first sight: yes & no? more like infatuation at 1st sight.
have you ever wished upon a star: but of course.
what other language (s) do you speak: English. my 1st language is sarcasm.
if you dyed your hair what color would you dye it: I already dye my hair…but I’d like to be bright red one day.
if you could change your name what would you change it to: Pumpernickel.
what’s the weather like right now: it’s getting stormy out there.
what instruments do you play: piano mostly, but I know how to play drums & violin.
do you talk to yourself a lot: in my mind…
best place you have visited: New York, Disneyland, France.
best day of your life: wedding day. 🙂
worst day of your life: my cat dying my arms when I was 13. 😦
pet peeves: too many to list right now…
what are you most proud of: being myself 24/7.
what is your goal for this year: work hard towards moving out to Brooklyn, & survive.



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