Outfit: Made in the ’80s


I’m not a big ’80s fan, but when you’ve got a big shirt that has BROOKLYN written out of mixtape film, then you have no other choice but to channel that decade. So channel it, I did.






My husband and I watched Inside Out on Tuesday. And of course, it was AMAZING. I was on a happy high (& goofy mood) after watching it. The movie features 5 emotions that rules our conscious:











I feel like lately all I’ve been feeling is a lot of sadness. Even though there’s a TON of love in my life, that little black monster called Depression, and its hairy cousin Anxiety, always seems to creep in and make a cushy home in my being. It gets old, and many times I can shoo them away and feel good and happy…and other times, they’re just like, “LOL, you’re not getting away this time!” And for those of you who don’t know, I’m one of those people that wear my emotion on my sleeve, face, whole arm, stomach, back…everything. I try hard to hold it together, but sometimes not enough Spiritual Duct Tape can fix how I feel. It sucks, and I know a lot of you feel that way, too.

But what’s beautiful about life is this: sometimes a little movie like Inside Out comes along and reminds us that IT IS OKAY TO FEEL THESE THINGS SO STRONGLY. It seems like a little love letter from God, something that is wonderful and feels like it was inspired by the Heavenly Hosts. We are supposed to feel joy, sadness, disgust, fear, anger, and every other emotion in between. It’s for our benefit; it’s to help us grow, to become stronger, to show us that in between the bad things that happen that we can have so many good things and moments. It’s better to have sorrow than to never know it, because then we learn to appreciate and relish in the happiness that comes our way.

So thank you, Pixar and Inside Out, for helping me to remember this. And thanks be to Our Eternal Father, for helping us remember His love and plan for all of us. We need each other, and most of all, we need Him to remind us that we need each other.


(whew, okay, I’m finished. sorry for getting crazy there. :D)

Today’s Motto: in between the bad times, remember to look up.


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