Outfit: Into the Woods


Hello! It’s been a while since I updated, huh? Sorry to neglect y’all. 😉


One of my best friends has a family cabin up in the mountains, so we brought another best friend & went up to get away from the crazy stress going on in our lives. It was amazing! Being out in nature, away from the world for a few days, was just the kind of spiritual rejuvenation we needed. The only downside was that my husband couldn’t come with us…but it’s okay; he got himself a new game to play while I was gone. So, win-win.




So it’s officially summertime…& that means it’s time for the annual Try Not To Die In A Puddle Of Your Own Sweat contest. It goes on until September. (I hate summer boohoo) And with summer also comes the Summer Blues. It’s like the Winter Blues, but since I actually feel alive in the wintertime, my depression comes out more in summer. Go figure. So far, the summer hasn’t offered a lot of happy things for me. My beloved cat, Anchovy, ran away a couple weeks ago, & I’m still having a hard time accepting it. I’m a big animal lover, especially cats, so I’m pretty heartbroken about her disappearing. 😦 Plus, I’ve been severely lacking in the creativity motivation department, so all the stories I have churning in my head have stayed unwritten. Ugh.



But things have to start looking up. I’ve decided that, even though my back injury is still painful & mysterious & makes it impossible to exercise, I’m going to start doing stretches every day to help strengthen my body & hopefully help lean me out a little more. (‘Cause even though I look pretty hot in these pics, I’ve still got wonky chin problems that grosses me out.) And I’m going to eventually get another cat…but not right now. I don’t know, I just have to remind myself that things will get better, even when it’s hotter than the 7th Circle of Hell outside.

In the meantime, mountain retreats, good friends, an awesome husband & cute clothes will have to help along the way.




  • Tunic dress: eBay—$11.50
  • Cardigan: Kohl’s—$25 (similar)
  • Leggings: Kohl’s—$11.75
  • Shoes: Forever Young—$10
  • Headband: Payless—$4
  • TOTAL: $62.25

Today’s Motto: being in nature cleanses the soul, so get out there!



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