Outfit: Free Spirit


This was our last day in New York (*sob sob*), so we went back to Central Park, over to the Conservatory Garden. What a beautiful place! I mean, yeah, all of Central Park is beautiful, but this garden was like passing through a portal into European territory.


Like the new shades? I lost my Tai Pan ones while we were out shopping one day. 😦 My track record with losing sunglasses is just as bad as my losing jewelry…but these are a cute replacement! And I bought this adorable shirt at 1 of the many Forever 21 stores I went to. But a word of advice: if you buy it, you might want to wear an undershirt with it, because it is very sheer…the photo on the website is a flat-out lie, sorry to say. So there you go.




Later on, we went down to the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. The view was spectacular! It was the best way to close our vacation. I got pretty misty-eyed looking out on the city and knowing I would be going back home, away from where I feel like my soul is supposed to be. Dramatic, I know, but hey, it’s how I feel. I know I’ll live there someday, even just for a few months, so I’m looking forward to what the future holds to get us there.




Today’s Motto: let your spirit roam free wherever you may be.


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