Outfit: Broadway Blossom


My husband and I got very last-minute tickets to The Phantom of the Opera on Friday, and it was totally worth it. (DUH.)


I’d seen it before back in ’08, but this was Devon’s 1st time watching it in the flesh, so it was lot of fun to watch him experience it. It was a really special moment for us, too, because POTO was the movie that pretty much paved the way for us to start dating…which obviously calls for STORY TIME!

**Warning: the following story contains themes of mushy-gushiness that may be intolerable for some people**




Back in March 2012, a little bit after Devon and I exchanged phone numbers, he invited me to a group movie party at his house. So I drove over there, knocked on the door, and he answered and said that everyone else had flaked out and that I was the only one who showed up. He said I didn’t have to stay, but I was like, “Dude, I drove all the way out here. I wanna watch a movie. Give me popcorn and ice cream.” (Recently he told me that he thought I was kind of a butt about that, but he really liked my straightforwardness and found me more attractive after that. Go figure.) He let me pick the movie–Phantom, obviously–but we really didn’t watch it; we were too busy talking and getting to know each other…and the rest is history.

But seriously, it’s a miracle he still liked me after that 1st movie night. I’m a very blunt and sarcastic person, so sometimes I rub people the wrong way. But he wanted to pursue a relationship after that, so…aww.



  • Dress: de Janeiro—$13
  • Cardigan: eBay—$11.80
  • Tights: Walgreens—$8
  • Shoes: Kohl’s—$18
  • Necklace: street vendor—$10 (here)
  • TOTAL: $60.80

Today’s Motto: if you want to stand out in the crowd, just be yourself.


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