Outfit: Rose-y Garden


I actually got out in nature this time around! The weather was pretty nippy the last couple days, but it finally evened itself out to a warmer temperature. And we’ll only have about a month or so to enjoy this nice weather before the awful heat barges in, so I’m taking full advantage of it til then.


I got my hairs dyed on Wednesday. I love it! My hair takes red very well (my natural color has red), so I had to get my Ariel Hair on. The top half is obviously brighter than the bottom half, but I don’t care. The “reverse ombre”, as my friend called it, looks cool, and I could technically get away with bleaching my hair to get the all over red color, but…I’m a little too nervous. So I’m keeping this until my natural hair grows out more. But seriously, I love my hair right now!!! (No duh, right?)




This has been another week in the thrilling soap opera, “Let’s See What Abbs’ Body Can Do This Week To Wreck It.” My body’s still adjusting post-birth control; I’ll have 3 or 4 really amazing days where I feel and look normal, then Mother Nature hits with a bang, and I’m back to the bloating face and tummy and feeling anemic. I’m getting a weeeeee bit tired of it. I know I shouldn’t complain about it so much–other people have it much worse–but dang it, it’s been hard. I hope it all breakseven soon, because this roller coaster is getting old. Ugh.

ON A HAPPIER NOTE…guess who’s going back to NYC in 13 days?! My husband got some good money from family land inheritance, so we booked our tickets and will be there for 10 days. I CANNOT WAIT I LOVE NEW YORK CITY SO MUCH IT IS WHERE MY HEART IS I JUST WANT TO EAT IT ALL UP CAN YOU TELL HOW EXCITED I AM AAAAHHHH. So in between the frustration, we get to take a break and have some serious fun. And by fun, I mean literally eating our way through NYC. Yay!



Today’s Motto: try to be kind to yourself–and if that doesn’t work, just laugh it out.


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