Outfit: Primary (Color) Teacher


(please pardon my stringy-greasy-yucky hair.)

Happy Monday, everyone! Wasn’t Easter wonderful? I had some family in town, and it was so fun to spend time with them over the weekend. Plus, General Conference was just great, as per usual, and it was so refreshing to spiritually recharge from all the nonsensical crap that runs around in my brain. Win win.


I woke up this morning (well, afternoon, since our sleep schedule is so weird) and wasn’t planning on doing a post, but my husband suggested we get pictures after he saw my outfit. Aww, what a sweetie! (Sorry, I don’t mean to brag about him…but then again, I don’t care.) I realized that the color accents were all primary colors, so I got an idea to give y’all a pretentious **FASHION TIP!!!!**: it’s totally okay to use 3 color accents with an outfit, as long as they complement each other, and the other fashion pieces you’re wearing are neutrals and/or monochromes. Oh, and go get yourself these shoes, ’cause THEY. ARE. THE. COMFIEST. EVER.




Sometimes I hate being a girl. We’re naturally more emotional, self-conscious, and prone to comparing ourselves to others that we think are more “perfect” than us. I have SO MANY days like that…and sometimes when I see pictures of myself, I want to learn how to Photoshop the daylights out of my face. But I’ve decided to post these photos for y’all to show that I am REAL. I’ve got curves and unruly hair and a short frame and soft face. But dang it, I’m proud of me and all the changes and trials I’ve gone through to become the woman I am today. All us women have got to stick together and embrace ourselves as we continue on our journeys to better bodies, minds, souls, or all the the above. And in the meantime? WEAR SOMETHING FUN!




  • Top: Kohl’s—$7
  • Capris: Kohl’s—$30
  • Shoes: Kohl’s—$18
  • Cardigan: Sears—$22
  • Belt: eBay—$1.50
  • Sunglasses: gift (Tai Pan Trading)
  • Purse: gift (Kohl’s)
  • TOTAL: $78.50

Today’s Motto: Choose to be happy–wear bright colors.


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