Outfit: Cotton Candy Dream

IMG_0641Part of my New Year’s Resolution is to break out of my fashion comfort zone, and one of those ways is what you see: mixing prints. In 3 ways. What?! I used to think it could not be done…well, I’m eating my words. And so, now that it’s officially Spring (yay!), the bright colors and prints are dominating my closet. No surprise. IMG_0643These colors are so cute! They remind me of cotton candy, which is one of the BEST sweets ever. And again, the comfort level is great; the shirt hides my muffin top while still being flattering, and the pants are soft and skinny without digging into anything. It’s a look that I think any woman can rock, especially us “softer” girls. But who cares about weight and body type and all that?!…I know, I do, too. Oh, well, I’m not perfect. The shoes are my latest bargain buy. Payless is my go-to shoe shop, and they never disappoint me. They have such pretty prints and colors, and thank goodness they had these shoes, because I’ve been on the hunt for floral flats!


model pose!



IMG_0660Lately my emotions and hormones have been all over the place. I haven’t been on birth control for 6 months; the last one I tried was the shot, and it just messed with my body. It’s like the last few months have been a rewind to my teenaged years of painful back acne. Ugh. (Sorry for the TMI.) Now that my body’s getting back on track, it’s being a pill right now with my, ahem, feminine mystique. But I’ve been trying hard to get healthier, and when I saw these pictures, it really gave me a little boost in confidence in my appearance. I just have to remind myself that everything will be okay. IMG_0664


  • Shirt: JC Penney–$15
  • Pants: Kohl’s–$15
  • Shoes: Payless–$10
  • Necklace: eBay–$1 (from China)
  • TOTAL: $41

Today’s Motto: when life gets tough, think sweet–and dress accordingly.



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