Outfit: Down the Rabbit Hole

IMG_0388I know I should be a grown-up/practical and buy more solid-colored dresses…but I don’t. Instead, I fill my closet and drawers with adorable prints that are probably too childish to be taken seriously. Well, tough darts, world. I do my own thing! And what might be my “thing,” you ask? 3 words: Comfy. Colorful. Kitschy. And this dress fits that to a T. IMG_0400For real, though, this is easily one of my most favorite fashion purchases in a long time. It’s soft and comfortable, and it gives my tummy enough room, in case it’s feeling bloated. (Which, if you can’t tell, is exactly what’s going on in these photos. Oh, well!) This fabric is so much fun: bunnies, cats, Pinocchio, Alice, polka dots…it’s like the more “grown-up” version of something you’d find on a little toddler’s dress! And the best part? IT’S TOTALLY MODEST. Me being a temple-endowed LDS girl, this is so incredibly handy to have. Even though I’m only 5’1″, it’s still hard to find some dresses that are long enough, but not too long. This hits at my knees perfectly. IMG_0422



IMG_0485I just bought this purse on Saturday. I love the color! It’s this really pretty, muted turquoise, and it’s the right size to carry my stuff in. The shoes I’ve had for some time; I got them on a Buy One Get One FREE deal, so how could I pass that up?! And the necklace? My favorite. It’s a ROBOT. Hello, get around my neck, right now!






  • Dress: Modcloth — $13 (originally $80, on sale for $56, store credit for $43)
  • Purse: Kohl’s — $22
  • Shoes: Forever Young — $10
  • Necklace: Forever 21 — $4
  • TOTAL: $49

Today’s Motto: when you wear kitschy clothes like this, try not to take yourself too seriously.



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