Fashion Faves: Movies

So. I was supposed to start FASHION BLOGGING this week!!!…but I got sick instead. Boo. So instead, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fashion in movies. Hopefully this will help me kick myself in the butt and JUST DO IT next week!…


ccf561a69f40515cfa387d39208704b2I can’t think of a better movie to start off this list. Audrey Hepburn is probably the only woman in Hollywood that made one single dress even more iconic than the film it was featured in. But aside from the famed “little black dress”, her clothes and presence are gorgeous, which really does Ms. Hepburn justice in showing her own beauty. The ’60s sweetness was represented perfectly in the whole 115 minutes of this masterpiece.

2fef2f0c726ecfdd634d7ea45a8d34df1d1b92408edb419e5c7fe17db0fe0dcctumblr_n4wpl9WGFU1qfl6rno1_500THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (2006)

c67a175b3e5905e1df5ca172d989944bUm, yeah, this seems like a no-brainer. Fashion movie that features amazing fashion from some of the all-time greats? Yes, please! What makes this film stand out is that all 3 of the leading ladies–Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt–all have such sexy-chic style. And come on, who doesn’t love the fashion montage to Madonna’s “Vogue”?

92c10d1ff4ecc048736860bf5f51ba90 a0361da61e39373400bd24a1f08faa06 cc692f6156847337f2912bca4a17040cAN EDUCATION (2009)

daf0a291c3e39113f107a443e9c25d84An Education gives such a lovely display of the early 60s British Invasion of Style that I adore so much. Basically, every dress that Carey Mulligan wears in this film, I want in my closet. And her hair. Ahh, her hair is so cute!

8d3cded6d0b32e426b7945efa2a76ba5 an_education40 c10da54185b6dda8665167edb1bcf3a6PRETTY WOMAN (1990)

VARIOUSLet me go on the record: I am NOT a fan of Pretty Woman. At all. But one thing is for sure: the fashion is so early 90s glam! With a touch of vintage to each piece Julia Roberts wears (after her makeover), her clothes are the epitome of chic. It does a great job of taking its original source material (more on that later) and making it modern and fresh.

3612416520_613fab4007 prettywoman-1 prettywomanCLUELESS (1995)

clueless-fashion-thumb-275Like I could skip this movie treasure. As if! The ’90s are not my favorite decade for fashion, but Clueless really showcased everything RIGHT about it. And let’s face it, after this came out and became the hit it is, every girl wanted to emulate Cher’s preppy, iconic style. Me, included.

enhanced-5375-1393531467-12 f7528bef755efe479fc1813f90a78898 clueless_still_pk_9177(500) DAYS OF SUMMER (2009)

ffe3teywmqf4hzvnodzpka6I think it’s safe to say that everyone is or was OBSESSED with this movie. Not only is it a completely realistic portrayal of love and relationships, the style of the two leads, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, is just perfect. Summer’s never-ending array of blue hues, and Tom’s vintage-hipster fashion, is just delightful to watch. I personally draw inspiration from (500) Days of Summer for my own wardrobe. It’s so lovely!

39648e847a2c18d583a16214bb0bea58 zooey-deschanel-dark-up-do-500-days-of-summer zooey-deschanel-in-500-days-of-summer3JUPITER ASCENDING (2015)

1422564808_mila-kunis-zoomThis movie is relatively new, but already its costume designs have made an impact on me. The intricacy of the wardrobe is so amazing and beautiful, I want to own every piece from it. And LOOK AT THAT DRESS. WOW.

016 018 d851d30fd58bd11caca4b33bef47e164STAR WARS PREQUEL (1999; 2002; 2005)

Padmefull3ThroneSay what you will about the films (I happen to like them very much), say one thing everyone can agree on: Padme Amidala’s outfits are SO COOL. From the first movie’s wide range of culturally-inspired attire to the second’s gorgeous array of colors, her wardrobe is simply stunning. My favorite has to be her wedding dress, which perfectly emulated a Victorian era fashion.

a8ac483f56a4e60e359a654eb11627bf Padmefull2Parade Padmewedding1THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY (2001-2003)

ArwenreitetNever in my life had I ever wanted to be an elf…until these movies came out. Now I want every single getup they wear. But it doesn’t stop at the elves; every race of Middle Earth (including the Orcs) have the most magnificent outfits. Like seriously, we should all be dressing like them.

arwen_corrnation_gown Arwenscostumes314 tumblr_l79bikTX4m1qav56vo1_500THE GREAT GATSBY (2013)

Daisy-Dress-3The roaring ’20s have never looked better. Seriously. The dresses are gorgeous, the suits glorious, the hair and makeup exquisite…every detail that went into making these outfits really works to elevate the movie to a whole other level. And it spawned a Great Gatsby-themed party trend (which I still need to throw), and I’m sure every girl who saw this wanted to steal Daisy’s closet. I know I did do.

014 ef5a9f09239d2740064d1b71e6d91202 tumblr_m5hgiyWgYh1rtkvgdo1_500MY FAIR LADY (1964)

my-fair-lady-1964-the-real-thingMy Fair Lady may not be the greatest musical, but it dang well may be the best dressed musical. It’s no wonder big hats have been making a comeback in the last few decades–they’re froufrou fun! Come on, America, take a cue from the Brits (again) and make all of these styles come back.

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (My Fair Lady)_25 Audrey-in-My-Fair-Lady-audrey-hepburn-11216592-1237-1600 f388697d289e935d4f06548072d8db0cALICE IN WONDERLAND (2010)

alice_burton_largeTim Burton is one of my favorite directors of all time. One reason being that his fantastical vision is translated in so many ways onscreen–especially in fashion. His frequent collaborator, Colleen Atwood, did a phenomenal job with the costumes in Alice in Wonderland, bringing a range of detail to perfectly reflect the characters wearing them.

2  The-Red-Queen-Alice-in-Wonderland-the-wizard-of-wonderland-8244418-454-601alice-in-wonderland01GONE WITH THE WIND (1939)

10130325659023a659d278a10434a86dLast, but certainly not least, is this gem of a classic. Scarlett O’Hara is one of the sassiest heroines every portrayed on screen, so of course her wardrobe had to match her attitude–and match it, they did. The clothes are beautiful and over the top, even getting an infamous parody of its own. But one thing is for sure: Gone With the Wind’s style is timeless, so you better give a damn.

ce6e7056e4a207d013508d9883bc388a ht_vivian_leigh_in_gone_with_the_wind_130405_blog main-qimg-781496a7b34a4d7115388a5bfc9178b4

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